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Everyone knows of Niagara Falls, but until you have been there you don't ABOUT Niagara Falls.  It is the gateway to Ontario as you cross the Niagara from NY (Buffalo area) on one of several bridges that lead you to Canada.  The best views of the Falls are from the Canada side as all three Falls - Canadian or Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and just between them the small Bridal Falls looking like a brides veil - are laid open for anyone to admire.


It's only an hour to the Cosmopolitan city of Toronto on the shores of Lake Ontario with its vibrant city life, theater, restaurants, sports teams, and businesses.  Continuing along the shores of Lake Ontario takes us to the region known as the Thousand Islands with Kingston as its central town.  These are the islands that are scattered about at the point where the Lake Ontario ends and is the source or headwater of the mighty Saint Lawrence River, which then continues Northeast to Montreal, Quebec City and finally empties into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the Atlantic Ocean.


Ottawa is the Capital of Canada and sits on the border of Ontario and Quebec along the Ottawa River.  It is classically British in nature and culture as it houses the great museums of Canada's cultural heritage.

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