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Top Reasons to Travel with Hospitality Tours

We began our business in 1981 just offering tours to Cape Cod.  This quickly expanded to offering tours throughout New England, New York and Atlantic Canada.  Today, we have added Ontario and Quebec in Canada and the Mid Atlantic region down to Virginia in the United States.

We have always been a wholesale tour operator offering our tours to professional group planners beginning with other Tour Operators and since 1995 the bank club members of Heritage Clubs International (HCI).  We are proud to boast that more than 125 different Heritage Club Banks have traveled successfully with us on more than 450 tours in the Northeast.

These are the reasons they tell us why they like working with Hospitality Tours;


  • Specialists in the Northeast - US and Canada.  We don't just talk, we have direct personal experience in every place we travel with our groups, and our guides are all local specialists - both friendly and knowledgeable.  We put that knowledge to work in operating your tour.
  • Professional and Personal.   We are very easy to work with and as one client said: "The Kind of Tour Operator you hope to find."  More than 44 years in business with many, many bank clubs working with us many times.  We make memorable experience for everyone
  • Your Tour, Your Way.  We are happy to recommend itineraries and very happy to make any modifications you would like so it is just the way you need it to be successful - inclusions, type of hotel, comps, dates - just about anything you might need we can customize.
  • Network with other HCI Bank Clubs.  We work with so many HCI banks, it is easy for us to Network one bank with another non-competing bank.  The cost savings are significant when working together to get enough travelers to make a tour successful.
  • Great Value, Great Prices.  We know how important it is that your bank customers have a great experience and we will not take short cuts or implement cost saving measures just to get a lower price, when it might make your customers unhappy.  When networking with other bank clubs the savings are magnified with no loss of tour quality.  There is always room for you to earn the revenue you need to be successful.
  • Always Safe.  From the initial tour planning together, to the clear pricing agreements, to a personal travel show and marketing support and finally to the tour itself, our bank clubs and their customers know they are in good hands and will always be comfortable and safe.
  • We understand bank clubs.  Since we have operated more than 450 tours for bank clubs, we know how important it is that your customers are happy with the trip you have planned for them.  You must get the credit you deserve and ensure that your customers maintain or even increase their deposits and business with the bank after they return home from the tour.  We exceed the travel dreams of your customers.  Multiple club locations?  Limited access to an airport?  Small group?  Whatever the challenge you face on a daily basis we will work to overcome.
  • Small Company, Privately owned.  Ted Nelson is the sole owner who communicates well with club directors and really knows the travel business.  Occasionally he will even guide the tours, as he has done in every single destination we represent.  Ted also does every single travel show personally, so that you and your customers can meet him and ask any questions about any part of the trip.  He always has the best interest of the bank club and its travelers at heart.
  • Financially Sound.  We have held membership in the National Tour Association since 1981 meeting their strict requirements for financial stability.  We have been one of a very select group of Preferred Tour Operators for Heritage Clubs International since 1996.  We are debt free, have never filed bankruptcy, have never been sued, have met all of our financial obligations year after year since 1981.  We carry $1million of Errors and Omissions Liability coverage and guarantee all customer deposits and payments.
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