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Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island make up what is known as the Canadian Maritimes.  And when you add in the largest of the Provinces on the Atlantic Ocean - Newfoundland & Labrador - together they are Atlantic Canada.

These provinces reach Eastward into the Atlantic and North towards Greenland.  For us they are two different destinations as Newfoundland & Labrador is its own destination with an exotic landscape, a small population with fun loving people and sites not seen anywhere else in the world.  They proudly host 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, icebergs floating in their small village harbors, bird and wildlife in abundance and did I mention how fun and friendly the people are as they make everyone feel welcome and an excuse to have a party!

Then there is Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Islands - the Maritimes.  Geographically an extension of the lush New England landscape magically infused with the magnificent Bay of Fundy.  This Bay is the body of water between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and boasts the highest tides in the world - over 50'.  This daily flushing of the Atlantic Ocean defines the coastline and bares direct impact on the sea life of the Bay.  The history of the French Acadian people and their expulsion by the British in the 1750's was a great tragedy that helped define the region as they now celebrate its rich cultural heritage.  Set between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia on the Northumberland Strait is little, beautiful Prince Edward Island.  Its sandy shoreline, healthy farmland, meadows of wild flowers blends beautifully into the majestic blue of the ocean and bays which surround it.  You either get there by ferry or bridge and by the time you arrive you have been transported back to a faraway vacation place.


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Newfoundland & Labrador tour. 11 Days and 10 Nights

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