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While being the home for 6 states, New England can be a very small region.  It consists of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine in the North; Massachusetts then stretches through the middle from New York to the Atlantic Ocean and to the South are the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island.  It is hard to say what it is best known for as it has so much in such a small space.  It can probably be easiest to define geologically in two ways:  Coastline and Interior.

The coastline stretches from the Canadian border in Northern Maine all along the coast of Maine to Massachusetts and its historic capital city of Boston then curls around Cape Cod before following the Southern shore to Newport, RI (the playground of the wealthy industrialists of the early 1900s), Mystic Seaport in Connecticut all the way to New York City.

The interior includes the mountains and lakes of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Western Massachusetts and Connecticut.  This region is most famous for its Fall Foliage and spectacular winter ski seasons.  Fall Foliage is beautiful in many parts of North America, but it is truly unique in New England.  It is the chemicals in the leaves and trees that create the different colors of foliage - some producing the yellows and golds and other producing the reds and purples.  What makes New England unique is that it has all of these types of deciduous trees that cause every color of Foliage.

Altogether it is a perfect region to plan for stunning historic tours, beach destinations along the ocean and lakes and magnificent foliage during the fall season.

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