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We spend most of our time along the Saint Lawrence River from Montreal in the South to the Saguenay River to the North with the only walled city in North America in the middle - Quebec City.  Montreal is truly a metropolitan city with and historic area - Old Montreal - and a new city with theater, night life, shopping, university life and everything to thrive in today's North American Cities.  Quebec City is also a tale of two cities as the old town is within the walled area overlooking the Saint Lawrence River where its art and culture, cafes and Inns share alleys and small street with Catholic Shrines and Anglican Churches.  It is a walking town, where each bend in the road is another glimpse of life in a small European city.  Outside the walls is the business and capital districts, where the running of the province is governed on the hallowed grounds fought over between the British and the French in the 1700s.


Further north are the Fjords of the Saguenay River with remote villages, monasteries and pristine lakes.   Our "Shrines of Quebec" tour features the very best of this stunning region.

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